Thursday, July 12, 2012

Things for the First Day

So... summer sure is flying by! I cannot believe it is almost mid July! I've seen quite a few panic posts made lately about how there is still so much left to do! I definitely am feeling the pressure too!

One thing I did at the beginning of the summer was begin to get my first week written out in lesson plans. Somehow I didn't save mine from last year?!?! Of course...

Every year I always start out the first week with a time capsule. It's so much fun to see our students grow, but sometimes I don't know if they can see it! This little freebie below is a great way to get students to recognize that! Here are the first 2 pages of the 7 page freebie:

Since I've taught 2-5th grade, there are a few similiar pages included, which I figured you could pick and choose what you wanted to use. For second grade I use:

About Me
Hand Print Tracing
Foot Print Tracing
Fill in the Blank

The rest I feel are geared more for older students. I've added pictures to the About Me page too since I noticed a lot of students at the beginning of second still needed help reading.

While they are working on their time capsule, I walk around with string and measure how tall they are.

Once they have finished their pages and they have their piece of yarn, I place it all into a zip loc baggie. I hide them away in a cabinet, and students don't get them back until the last day of school. They are so excited to see how their handwriting has changed, and how different their hand/foot prints are. It's also amazing to see how much they have grown when they hold their piece of yarn up!!

A few books I ALWAYS read are:

I'm also thinking of starting an author study right off the first week. I'm thinking Kevin Henkes!

And has anyone seen the updated version of the first 5 days of Daily Five on the sisters site? I tried it out last year and LOVED it.

I've linked up today with Molly at Psyched to be in Second and Teaching Joys today!

Freebie Fridays

What are some tried and true things you love to do the first week of school?

Oh and thank you to all of the sweet comments about Dave (my bofriend's) birthday gift. He definitely loved it and was surprised! But now what to do with all these deflated balloons? Well... here's one thing Dave came up with

Oh Hunter, you are sooooo patient :)

Oh and don't forget to check out Kate's awesome giveaway! :)


amy said...

What an adorable idea! I would link up, but it's been four years since I taught in a classroom of my own (I've been teaching Title 1). Quite honestly I forget what we did other than review the rules. However, I've taken ideas from other bloggers for this year!
Where Seconds Count

Cassandra said...

I loked on the sisters site for the first 5 days thing and couldn't find it. I might be blind though. Can you link me to it?

I like the time capsule idea! I teach on a loop so it would be really fun to hold onto it for two years and really see the growth!

Adventures in Room 5

Amanda said...

Oh 2 years?!?! That would be sooo great to see growth! You have to have a subscription to see the updated version. Do you have one?

Amanda said...

What's sooo neat is that I have finally come to a realization that the first week can be filled with reading and practicing rules together! First days used to be filled with me showing students where things are and how to use them. Now we create I charts and really create rules together! It's amazing all the wonderful ideas out there that have helped change my ways of thinking :)

Lisa R. said...

Thanks for the About Me freebie!! I like your time capsule idea & a Kevin Henkes book study would be awesome the first week of school. :)
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Mrs. K said...

Thank you for the awesome time capsule freebie:):):) I'm very excited about implementing D5 & CAFE (have both books, posters ready, getting my pensieve ready), but I'm NOT pleased about their updates only being available to subscribers...I've spent enough already!

The Teacher said...

I cannot find how to subscribe? A couple of my friends were going to split one if it was that much, but I would LOVE to see the updates to Daily 5 first 5 days.

Amanda said...

Here's the link Subscribe to Daily 5. Hope that's what you needed! :)

Heather said...

I gave you an award buzz by to pick it up!

The Busy Busy Hive

Amy Grout said...

The balloons are amazing! What a creative way to let someone know how special they are. As I was reading, I started thinking about some of my students...could you imagine their reaction if they came into the classroom one morning and found a balloon and card on their desk? I think they would love it and as soon as I find out what kind of balloons we can use at school, I want to try it. I enjoyed reading your posts and am now a follower. I am hosting a giveaway on my blog and would love for you to check it out.

Jayne said...

What great ideas you share! I loved the balloons for your boyfriend. I'm sure he was honored to be loved so much that you would take the time to do something so very special for him. I have left you the Versatile Blogger Award as a thank you for all of the wonderful ideas that you share on your fantastic blog. Please visit to accept your award.

It's a Jungle Out There! said...

I love your Blog!! I am your newest follower! I just awarded you an award. Come by and claim it :) and enter my giveaway!

Mrs. Sheehan said...

My very first author study is Kevin Henkes. He is perfect to start off with and the kids adore him!


Kelley Cirrito said...

Great ideas!! I got the bags from Hobby Lobby in a 3 pack. I spent my own money. I figured that I could use them again so I splurged.

Erin Franklin said...

Thanks for linking these up to my Freebie Linky!
Your dog is sooo patient! lol... we have one dog who is terrified of balloons and our other dog loves to chase them and pop them. They are a mess! :)

First with Franklin

Molly said...

Thanks for linking up. Those are great ideas! I know I'll be stealing a few (or all) of them next month. :-)

Psyched to be in 2nd!

Amanda said...

I've always thought about doing a time capsule at the beginning of the year, but it never became a reality. Thanks for the freebie. This may be just want I need to get myself in gear and do it this year!
The Teaching Thief