Thursday, July 27, 2017

Strengths Finder 2.0

Okay, who has heard of this book?

 Amazon- BUY IT!

It has literally blown my mind.

THE GIST: So many people are focused on their shortcomings and what needs to be fixed rather than focusing on their strengths and how to grow them. How many of us as teachers know we need to do this for our students? How many of us actually have this mentality for ourselves? How many of us know what exactly our strengths are and how to continue to strengthen them?

"You cannot be anything you want to be- but you can be lot more of who you already are."

Whoa right?

Part 1 of the book explains this quote in greater depth and describes this mindset. It also mentions that while you have these strengths, there may be a few that are your POTENTIAL strengths, and thus, need to be nurtured.

From there, you go online and take a 30 minute-ish quiz that asks you two different things you might do/say/feel and then you rate either neutral, or decide you are SLIGHTLY or STRONGLY more of one or the other. It's timed as it wants your first reaction rather than you analyzing it for a long time. Once it's over, it gives you a personalized report on your top 5 strengths. Now part 2 of the book goes into all 34 strengths you might have. (definitely don't read this before taking the quiz... I feel like it could sway you when answering). This report I read BEFORE part 2 as it's much more individualized for the person who took the quiz. Based on how you answered, the quiz is able to pull from that and give you specifics about your strength and how it applies to you. Even though people may have the same strengths, it's not the same for everyone. So the blanketed description in the book gets way more in depth with the report you're given online.

After reading through my report I WAS EMPOWERED. So much was said about teaching being a good vocation for me as well as attributes that will help me as I move out of the classroom and into the role of behavior interventionist. I was completely thrilled to see that so much of what I'm doing in my career falls within these strengths. I can also see how I need to build on them. For example input is in short, a hoarder of something. For me, it's information... books. So often I gain all this knowledge on subjects but don't see myself as an expert and don't take enough opportunities to output it. It's something I'm working on (especially with doing PD) and I really think next year will give me the chance to grow this.

I also saw so many of these strengths in me as a CHILD. The book mentioned that many times our strengths can be seen as early as 3 years old... and reflecting back to how I acted or what I chose as a kid, those up there? SPOT ON. Totally freaking cool.

(Speaking of hoarding... I was OBSESSED with Nancy Drew when I was a kid...)

I just.. I just can't even y'all. This book absolutely blew my mind. My friend who recommended it to me and I have gotten 4 of our friends to try it. It's definitely something I'm going to suggest to my admin team to do too.

I feel so much more in tune with me, and incredibly proud and confident of what I have to offer. I know there's room to grow, but it's such a positive thing to be able to focus on growing what you're good at, rather than always trying to fix the shortcomings.

Y'all do it. Get this book. And then, talk to me about it. I find it FASCINATING. And if you have already done it, well tell me about it! :)

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