Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Made It - And probably the last :(

First off, can I just tell you that I have been waking up at 5am for the past 2 weeks to do bootcamp at 5:30am?!?! I cannot believe I have already been going for about 2 months. I definitely feel stronger, and happier! Hoping to keep it up during school- and I'm pretty sure I'll be cutting it close, but I think I can keep up the morning workouts. It's so nice to get off of school and not feel guilty about not wanting to workout after a long crazy day. It's great to get it out of the way first thing in the morning! Not to mention getting that metabolism going and feel energized (until around 10am... haha, but that's what coffee is for!!)

Annnnnnd school is literally just around the corner! We started back and are having our staff meeting this week. Students come next Monday. Got to see our new admin team in action though and it was an enjoyable time! They definitely have a great sense of humor and really seem to have attainable goals for us this year. I mean, our principal alone hosts Harley get togethers with bikers- cool right? :)

I've been busy working really hard in my room, but I'm planning on posting about how it looks a little later. Today I made some last minute projects and cannot wait to share!

First up are my TPO (or objective) boards. I hot glued (ummm my NEW favorite thing BTW) magnets on the back so that they stick to my board. That way I can take them with me wherever I am introducing the objective, and then post them back on the wall. I ran out of magnets today otherwise you'd see science and social studies too!
My lovely coworker has a cricut and graciously brought it to school with her. I love the letters on the boards! And can I tell you how mesmerized I was watching it cut the letters? Coolest thing ever.

Next up are my chair pockets inspired by Ladybug Teacher Files.

Inside each pocket I am planning on putting a white board, marker, and testing folder. Any suggestions on what else they might need right on hand? I'm thinking math manipulatives that change throughout the year.

So far the velcro seems to be working great in keeping the pocket adhered to the chair. I'm thinking I may put a velcro on the top and bottom instead of one long strip.  I noticed today that my pocket was bulging out since I pulled out the middle seam to make 1 big pocket instead of 2.

I've shown my ready to learn clipchart before, but I hot glued my safari hats onto the clips this week. Loving the cuteness.

I have been wanting to make dice shakers for awhile, and after reading Amanda's post @ Teaching Maddeness about hers, I KNEW I had to make it happen. So off to Target I went to get those awesome magnet containers. (You can also see my duct tape Boggle board hanging up too!)
I too hot glued felt along the bottom and the side of the container. Then I popped in some dice and hung 2 on my board to see how they worked. I LOVE them. I make everyone come into my room to see them!  Cannot wait to use them during mathstations.

So I'm sure you've all seen the picture frames all over pinterest about the first day of school. I finally did mine! I got a 16x20in frame from Hobby Lobby (40% off of course), painted it black, and then velcroed on the letters. That way I can move them if I need to AND I can remove the FIR in First to change it to LAST for the end of school. Awesome right? I'm in LOVE with this project.
To create the letters I used the font Janda Manatee Bubble and printed them out on scrapbook paper.

I just did this 5 minutes ago, and it has to be one of my favorite projects yet! I've seen this on pinterest and have had it on my to do list. After visiting my coworker's room today I saw these up by her door AND bathroom door!

She's planning on having them slap it in order to leave the room or use the restroom. What a great idea! Now I'm thinking of making one for the hallways that I hold on to so that when entering specials or lunch, they have to do the same thing. Just need some more scrapbook paper! :)

For the hand, I used my my helping hands clipart and just enlarged it. Snag it below if you are interested!
Coming up this week: Classroom Tour and a HUGE 30+ page freebie about my classroom economy equip with job applications, job cards, job descriptions, tickets, money, fine card, etc!!! Happy Monday everyone! :)


Amber @ Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher said...

I Love the Chair pockets!

Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

Erin Brown said...

Our school uses the High 5 Words as well! It's helpful for assessment review and vocab retention.

Storie said...

I love how your picture frame turned out. I have a frame ready to go (just need to add letters), but Pinterest has me debating another idea. Thanks for sharing these pics :)
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Kelly Benefield said...

I love your picture frame! It turned out very nice!

Teaching Fourth

Unknown said...

Wow, you were busy last week! Thanks for sharing all of your great Monday Made Its! Your theme is adorable! I'm your newest follower.

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Kelly said...

Your "made its" are very cute !! Thanks for stopping by my blog & now I'm YOUR newest follower :)

First Grade Fairytales

Amanda Kendall said...

Boy, you've been busy! I love those first day frames. Talk about a treasure to hold on to forever!

The Teaching Thief