Monday, June 4, 2012

Checking off the TO DO list

Alright, so week 2 of summer is underway and I'm feeling great! So far today I have accomplished the following:

- Updated my "Helping Hands" job board and gave it a makeover.
- Delved into the first week plans of my Daily 5/CAFE for next year (w/ the help of a coworker)
- Created a VOICES board using these WONDERFUL printouts which you can get HERE.

I'm hoping that I can post some pictures tomorrow, as I am not sure if I can post the actual file. All this copyright regarding clipart/fonts is scary to me in the blogging world! I don't know a whole lot about what I can put up, and what I cannot yet. If anyone has some advice, I'd be happy to hear it. I'd like to make this blog a place where I can post things of mine, especially if others can find use in it!

Oh another late night... how does time manage to fly by SO fast?!?!?


Kate said...

I am also quite nervous about all of the copyright issues! It makes me very hesitant to share anything. I need to start going through all of my files and checking the font and clip art. Let me know if anyone gives you any advice or if you find a resource that might help!

EduKate and Inspire

Amanda said...

I had an email from a fellow blogger about some places to check into clipart from. If you leave me your email address I'd be happy to forward you the email advice I was given! :)

David said...

Could you give me a copy of the checks?